Oct 22

cashmere_clothingThere is something that really makes me feel great when i am wearing my cashmere sweater.  It’s just that luxurious fabric and how it feels against my skin. I know that a womens cashmere sweater can be a bit expensive, but I feel they are a must for any woman’s wardrobe.

I like to spend some time online when I am shopping for my cashmere.  Once I have found a great cashmere site, I usually stick to buying from them, as I know the quality I will be getting.  I know some of my friends, who I have gotten hooked on cashmere, buy from anyplace that has it on sale, and sometimes they are disappointed in the quality.

I know with my favorite cashmere store, Mount Cashmere, I had then add me to their email list, so whenever they have a sale, I am the first to know, and do not miss out on it.  I love picking up cashmere items on sale, but I do end up buying more.

Apart from my collection of womens cashmere sweaters, I also love picking up gloves, scarves, and hats to accessorize with. I even have a cashmere blanket on my favorite couch in the Den, and have picked up some great baby cashmere items for my young one.

As you can tell, especially if you continue reading through this blog, I am very passionate about my cashmere.  Find yourself a store that you like, that sells quality cashmere, and start your cashmere clothing collection today.

I recommend Mount Cashmere as the Best Online Cashmere Clothing Store.

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Oct 20

I have done some researching the past on cashmere and where the best quality cashmere comes from and it is some interesting information.  When I am looking for a womens cashmere sweater, it is very important to me, that is the best quality cashmere, and with proper care, will last for many years to come.

The Kashmir Goat

The Kashmir Goat

Cashmere have been given much praise and acclaim but many really do not know how your sweater came to be.  Cashmere is actually the fur of the humble Kashmir goat, that is harvested during their molting seasons.  Kashmir goats can be found in China, India, Tibet and even Iran, but it is commonly know that the Kashmir goats with the finest fur are found in the upper regions of Mongolia and Nepal.

History shows us that many Kings and rulers from centuries ago, have given their loved ones Cashmere garments as gifts because of the beauty of the wool and the status it has because of its high value.

To make a fine womens cashmere sweater it takes one Kashmir goat four to five years to shed enough fur, from the area of its neck, to produce enough cashmere to make this garment.  Yes, the fur from the neck of the goat, will make the finest cashmere.  be aware for cashmere blends, and cashmere taken from the goats back area and legs, as this will not produce the nest cashmere.

As I have mentioned my favorite online company, Mount Cashmere, only uses this finest fur from the Kashmir Goats neck found the Mongolia and Nepal regions.

Proper cleaning for your cashmere is also very important because of its fine quality, you want it to last forever.  For knitted cashmere garments, gentle hand washing, preferable with a shampoo made for cashmere, and lay flat on a towel to dry.  When you use a proper shampoo, as the produce I get from Mount Cashmere, you do not even have to rince your garment out after washing, as the shampoo stays in as a conditioner. Remember to keep your cashmere in a cool dry place.

I hope this information was help for you.

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Oct 18

Cashmere is the most luxurious fabric in the world, and I just love the feel of it. When you have cashmere in your wardrobe, you probably consider it one of your most prized possessions. When you are looking for a womens cashmere sweater here is some information you should consider.

First of all, where do you shop for your cashmere? I love shopping online, as I find it relaxing and enjoyable. But remember, you must first find a reputable cashmere company to buy from. My favorite is Mount Cashmere, one of the top quality cashmere clothing companies in North America. They offer superb quality, great staff, and some of the best prices you have seen.

When I first started shopping for cashmere online, I have to do my research, as not all cashmere is the same. The finest cashmere, come only from the neck hair of goats in Mongolia. Many cheap cashmere products use the leg and stomach hairs, and you can certainly tell, as the cashmere just does not feel right and does not last.

So do your homework and ask the questions. You will find a lot of information on the company’s web site that you are shopping on, but why not also give them a call; ask the staff about the quality of their cashmere and where they get it from.

If you are an online shopper like me, you know that returns sometimes may have to happen. Make sure you know the companies return policy and procedures, to see if you agree with them and can abide to them.
white_turtle_neck_womens_cashmere_sweaterOn one of my last shopping experiences with my favorite online cashmere company, I had ordered a womens cashmere sweater, a white turtleneck, (it was a birthday gift from my husband) but it just did not fit exactly how I though it should. So I call up the girls in the store, and the return process was so simple, that I had my new on in just a week, and I love it. That is a picture from their online catalog of it, isn’t  it nice?

So where ever you shop online, I hope you find a nice womens cashmere sweater. And if you do check out Mount Cashmere, and you are talking to the staff, tell them Samantha from Colorado says hi!

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